Call Today for a free quote and consultation. We are here to make your tech life easier. ReliableTechs offers same day iPhone/ iPad/ ipod and other smart phone repair services.
You can’t be without your phone for a day, and we understand, and that’s why most repairs are done within 30 minutes.
ReliableTechs provides affordable, walk in or on-site technical support for individuals and small businesses in Dade, Broward   Palm beach county. Whether you only have one computer or twenty workstations, we can get things running and keep them that way. Whether your Mac needs a new LCD screen, hard drive, data recovery, or other Macintosh repair services, we can help. ReliableTechs offers the lowest cost and quickest turnaround by the most knowledgeable technicians around.


PC Diagnostic Diagnostic & Repair (Virus & Spyware Removal)
This diagnostic and repair service will check that your computer is running optimally. We will check for any issues within the operating system and remove any malicious trojans or spyware that may be affecting your computer. This service will optimize your computers performance.
PC setup System Setup (PC & Mac)
We will set up your computer (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, external drives, etc), and any additional software and hardware that you want. We will then test for full functionality to make sure system is ready to go.
PC optimization System Optimization
To ensure your computer runs smoothly, we will optimize your computer by cleaning up temporary system files, uninstalling unnecessary programs, and enable applications that are for everyday use. This will enhance the speed and performance of your computer.
Software Install Software Installation
Have your eyes on a new piece of software? Get updated with new software and applications. We will install and configure the software for your PC or Mac. If your software is not working correctly, we can attempt to repair or reconfigure your software before reinstalling the software.
PC Security Virus & Spyware Protection
With new security threats being spread each day, it’s best to be proactive and ensure that the important information on your computer is protected by an up-to-date version of anti-virus software. Secure your computer from harmful trojans and spyware with anti-virus and malware detection software. We will install, configure, and/or repair your anti-virus software. We will also walk you through on how to keep your software up to date, how to run the software, and how to create a schedule for the software to run daily.
OS install Operating System Installation
A clean operating install takes your computer back to the first day you took it out of the box. This includes the operating system and all drivers required for your hardware to function correctly. This will help maximize your computer performance. Your personal data files can be backed up and transferred. Additional software may be required to be reinstalled.
Hardware install Hardware Installation
Upgrade your existing computer hardware to deal with today’s software demands. We will install, configure, and update your hardware and its drivers. We can install hard drives, optical drives, graphic cards, motherboard, processor, and printers.
Memory Upgrade Memory Installation
Enhance your PC or Mac’s performance by adding more memory to your computer. Many times a computer runs slowly because of its lack of memory. This service will require us to install hardware inside your desktop or laptop. Each PC and Mac requires certain modules of memory to function correctly and to run more quickly. Contact us and we will find the memory that is compatible with your PC or Mac.
PC Backup Data Backup (Media)
Backup your important data to a different storage device. We can transfer your data onto external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and USB flash cards.
Data Migration Data Migration
Transfer your important data from one computer or hard drive to another with our data migration service. We will transfer the data from your computer to an external hard drive and/or to another source of your choice.
Data Recovery Data Recovery
If you cannot access your drive to get the files you need, we can get them for you. We offer many ways to retrieve your data. We will attempt to recover your data at our downtown location with the latest data recovery software.
Automated Backup Automated Data Backup Setup
Have your computer set to automatically backup your important data. We install software that runs on a scheduled basis to perform backups whenever you like. We even offer off site backup!